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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Those pics look awesome, Molly!! I don't have pictures yet, but holy crap! I went to a yard sale this past Saturday and picked up 16 vintage aprons that were handmade by the mother of the hostess of the sale. Her mom used to sew for a living and started making aprons to sell and had tons of them. Unfortunately she developed arthritis and can't sew anymore. They were looking for a little extra money and decided to sell them. I kept a couple to add to my collection, but will be listing the rest. Can't wait.

Check out this secretary blouse that Molly altered. Pussy bow, gathered sleeves. So cute!
Liz Claiborne Wrap

The WHO-whatting-how-with-huh?

Tangerine pleated skirt

Wrangler Skirt


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vintage Wrangler Denim vest!

Totally adorable Pink Nighty!
Sparkly Sheath Evening Gown
Midnight Blue Asymmetrical Prom Dress

Gunne Sax Off the Shoulder Gown

Blue Black and White Sailoresque Dress

Our new blog!

Dear Reader,
Thanks for stopping in and checking out our spanking new blog.

The intent is to show off our most recent vintage finds. A precursor to what will eventually be on our etsy site.

We love finding things that are in prime condition, but we sometimes fall in love with delicious one of a kind pieces that need a little TLC.

Every piece is inspected for condition issues. If we can overcome them we soldier on!

This is the tricky part. Mending and altering and tailoring and reworking takes time. Although there is nothing Molly loves more than a living room overwhelmed by a vintage mending pile, it can sometimes take a while to get to and then plow through said pile/ basket/refrigerator box of mending.

This will also be an opportunity for you to start a convo on a piece. If there is something that catches your eye say so! We will pop it to the top of the list and even create a listing especially for you!

Now, let's get started! I had a full day of shunning responsibility and throwing caution to the wind!